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Expect higher standards with better outcomes.

As an ILASN member, you can expect the following from our network:

  • Stronger partnerships with managed care plans enhance our member’s ability to provide better care in a managed care environment

  • The potential to negotiate payment incentives and value-based contracts tied to quality incentives enhances ROI

  • Robust Quality Programs provide the ability to benchmark, measure, and improve overall quality performance

  • Opportunities to accept more referrals as a result of contracts with multiple health plans

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Discover how your organization can be a part of a network designed to support senior care services in Illinois.  Download and complete the membership application or contact us to learn more.

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ILASN contracts with Strategic Health Care for Network Management Services, which also includes:  Securing competitive contracts and creating strong payor relationships for ILASN Members, Credentialling, and a Robust Quality Program.

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